So, there is this new store in the neighbourhood …

by advocateofentropy

The Daily Post (inspired by atana’s world) suggests in it’s Daily Prompt, that around my corner an electronics store opens (the one in my Quartier would never sell such “heathan baloney”!), which offers everything from time machines to everywhere doors.

What would I pick? Well …

First of course one might think that a time machine is great (except, then you’d have to do so much thinking before even jumping back or forth even half a day … nope, I hate math) or everywhere doors (but hey, this could literally mean EVERYWHERE and I don’t wanna go there), but there’s lots of other stuff to give a quick thinking.
Invisibility cloaks might seem interesting for those making a living out of crime or masturbation, but it lacks any bigger advantage for the ordinary Me.
A “key for everything” would be nice, unlocking treasures and bank vaults around the world for me, but again, I’d still have to get to those treasures and vaults … still just hideous muscle work. Muscle work?!
I could get myself an android or robot of sorts. Fulfilling every wish I have, serving me food and drinks all day long, while coping with taxes and Jehovas witnesses. He (or she or it) could go shopping for me and fetch the children from school; feed the dog and play with the neighbours (or the other way around, depends on the neighbourhood, I guess). So I could get really fat, unless I do a lot of sports, but what would my android then be good for, when I’m out of the house all the time?
I think I’d buy some sorts of full-body augmented-reality construction device, where you use your hand and feet to build imaginative worlds full of wonder…. yeah, I guess that would be it. I really just love creating worlds (and Stanislaw Lem, so…).

Stanislaw Lem - The Futurological Congress

Stanislaw Lem – The Futurological Congress

Wait. Do they have those in the catalog? Unihabited, but inhabitable worlds to conquer and construct? It’s not electronical per se, but … I’d like one of those. Please and thank you!