Jeff Bezos is Maximum Evil?

by advocateofentropy

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) took a poll about who the world’s worst boss would be.
Big surprise: it is none of the really evil and villainious people, but: Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos /

Jeff Bezos /

Sharan Barrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, says: “Corporate power is out of control, it is cowering governments with threats of capital flight. The greed of the 1% is of more interest to our governments than the 99 %.” …
Well, that is true, but that’s surely not Amazon’s sole fault. I really don’t see how this poll is anything, but populist anti-capitalistic nonsense.

Other nominated CEOs:
C. Douglas McMillon (Wal-Mart Stores)
Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase)
Loyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs Group)
Charles Koch (Koch Industries)
Lee Kun-Hee (Samsung Group)
Ivan Glasenberg (Glencore Xstrata)