Lasers are the Greatest!

by advocateofentropy

The Daily Post in it’s Daily Prompt suggests, that I should write about something, that I really hate, but in way like I really love it and couldn’t live without it. What an interesting idea! Could even be some kind of reverse self-therapy, let’s see!

What do I really hate? Well…


Sometimes I find myself dreaming about going to the dentist again. My thoughts wander off to the plain white ceiling of the “torture chamber”, my arms and legs automatically fall into a position of uncomfortable resting and in my ears the thrilling tone of diamond-steel drilling into my very cheekbone. Some sleightly overweight nurse is spreading the smelly, rough sheet on my chest; the annoyed and stressed dentist gives me a look of deep disapproval with my hygiene. Just like family!
It fills me with dizzle and joy then just lying on the couch, closing my eyes and trying to force the smell of burnt tooth and blood into my nose. Saliva is starting to flow in ungullable masses and I start thinking about how I could function my vaccum cleaner into a sucking machine. Pain rips me into catatonia, leaving me at the total mercy of the toothbreaker.
Just when the excitement reaches climax and I reach the fringe of unconsciousness … everything is over. Like a child buidling a sandcastle, the dentist rubs and fills the torn holes. With absolutely no elegance and bare any consideration the assistant presses the awesome blue light cannon laser-thingy against the newly build munching tool and fires heat through the alien structure. Several beeps later it is all done, the deed is fulfilled.
I open my eyes, lying on the floor and crave for a visit to the dentist. Tears of good memories rolling down my cheek …