There’s cotton candy in your head!

by advocateofentropy

The Daily Post asks in it’s Daily Prompt, which “good” memories are better: the recent, vivid ones or those covered in a sweet haze?

Let me see what I remember…

Memories are precious; either good or bad. But the good memories are, what keeps us going on. They remind us that there is more than roughness and daily survival. People sometimes struggle to remind themselves and appreciate the little things from the past, which made them smile and filled their hearts with joy. Good memories are important, no matter if vivid or hazed.

Often humans tend to forget their past and that the most simple things were making them happy. How brilliant the times, when an oddly shaped stick and an empty can could mean the world to you! The world was yours, spreading at your feets pace – being conquered by you, everday a bit more. With the time moving on it all becomes a blurr of good things that happened to you; things you discovered, stories you lived and adventures no one ever has contradicted.
Then one grows up and what happened 10 years ago, suddenly seems unimportant. One has to focus on things that lie ahead and can only shortly try to remind himself what he is doing whatfore. And all the needs and requirements one has to fulfill! Success replaces joy on the list of things most important. So we take joy in those good memories which remind us of our place in society and our accomplishments in social life. But those memories are volatile and can only reach us for so long.

So, which good memories I prefer? Those who made me learn something. I prefer those memories who lie far behind me, but still are with me. For example: when is was in 2nd grade, my parents moved to a very old house, with lovely woodwork on the building’s front, and in the spacious garden there was a dead apple tree, lying on it’s side. We called it: the monkey tree. Everyday in summer, we would climb on it and hangle around … like monkeys. Today I still like to climb on high things and like to think back to the monkey days – literally hanging around with my little brother, my “girlfriend” and the rest of the neighbourhood.
In favor of the Haze!