That’s not counting or anything at all!

by advocateofentropy

Today’s Daily Prompt is all about: what haven’t you said in the past, what you would or should have said?

Well, I really don’t wanna snitch, but … 
Today in Germany and the rest of the EU there have been several elections. One of these was for the EU parliament, others for just my city’s head-people. Also there was the presidential election in war-torn Ukraine.
I myself was a election assistent today and had to keep track with all the different election sheets. You have to know that every election in my city (there were 5 today) had to be marked on a seperate sheet in a different color. Extra was either the EU-sheet or a special sheet for immigrants to elect their intergration-council.

Nexgt to me there were 6 other election workers. 2 of those could have been the incarnation of incompetence! Every 10th sheet they took into their hands fell to the floor or was sorted wrong. One of them even succeeded in turning every 3rd sheet upside-down -.-
But on top of that all, they just didn’t help counting! We don’t have no electronical counting election machines – just humans. Something you wouldn’t expect in one of the world’s most scientific and innovative countrys, but it’s true.

Well, I could have screamed and stomped a hundred times today, but I didn’t. Not because I am such a calm individual or anything. But because I feared to destroy those weak, semi-educated existences; also I felt a bit sorry because I think I really showed them, that I did not like how they did (not) work.

But enough of that, it is a beautiful sunday and I still have some hours of sunshine left, after I spend most of the day in the smallest room of a catholic elementary school!

Enjoy your day, please and try to at least think a few moments about the people all over the world, who never can say, what they really think. Thank you!