List of sorts

by advocateofentropy

Inspired by the Weekly Challenge of the Daily Post, I shall create a list of my choosing. I can’t really decide, so I’m gonna make a list of potential lists. Here we go…

1. Topics for blog posts
2. New Ben & Jerry’s flavours
3. Wifes of roman consuls and emperors
4. Deadly diseases without effective cure
5. My favourite handheld weapons before 1.500 A.C.

6. Insignia of japanese family clans
7. Top 10 mythbusters episodes
8. German food that should be brought to the world
9. TV series I’d like to watch a third time
10. Books which also should be movies/series

11. Desserts that rock your world
12. Songs that sound like boxing
13. Best soundtracks ever
14. Sayings which are absolutely wrong
15. Things that never should be listed

Have a nice one and Stay Alert, yours Advocate of Entropy.