(No) Place for Morality

by advocateofentropy

Today’s Daily Prompt asks what I would do, if I found something valuable at the beach.

What do I do with it? Give it back? Keep it? Well…

To be honest: when I myself drop soemthing valuable at the beach, I don’t really expect that the finder will give it back. And only once in my life I lost something that was returned to me: my wallet. My sport clothes from elementary school still are and (I guess) always will be mysteriously gone.

But if I found something? I don’t know. Depends on what I have found. A wallet I would return, just because it’s peoples lifes in there and you may not take that away from anybody (and still have a good conscience).
A gold bar, pearls or jewelry of any sorts I would sell, just because it’s hard to find the real owner and mostly people who can afford such things, won’t feel the loss. Emotional attachments of course are something else, but if you love something very much then watch out for it!
Some people might think that this is harsh and it really is! But I am not responsible for someone else’s immaturity or negligance.
Still … some things I would return to it’s owner or bring them to the lost-and-found. Toys for example are very important for tiny humans and therefore immensely valuable. Same goes for watches: time is money!

All in all I think most things would be returned by me, unless they are too valuable to be lost without notice. Just try to think: what would you want to be given back to you and what could you give up? Have a Nice One and Stay Alert!