Holy Father of … erm … something?

by advocateofentropy

The Daily Prompt asks of what I would be named patron saint, if in 300 years some wacko fans of mine decide to get me canonized.

Now I really don’t know if that’s a good idea at all …

I have to do this one kinda quick, because it’s quite early here and in a few ours the next Prompt wants to be cared for.
So, a patron saint of anything. People? Objects? Places? Activities? Places get cancelled out, except maybe “nature” counts as a place. I really don’t like most people and they don’t like me either, so …
An object? Maybe the quill pen! I write stories since I can do so and have finished my first book just weeks ago, looking for a publisher at the moment. And my first self-baught writing instrument was a quill pen (dorky, right?). So yeah, maybe I just will be the “patron of quill pens and full-of-hope authors”.

The only question will be: does WordPress, his Holyness Pope of all Writerlings in the Internetz, agree with that? 😉

Stay Alert and Eat an Apple, yours Advocate of Entropy