Houston I want my doggy back!

by advocateofentropy

Daily Prompt: “Longing for Gravity”

asks what I would miss the most about our blur planet, when I had to leave for Mars on a no-return mission. Well, except the love of my life, there are several things I’d miss. But the most? 

Hmm … first things that come to mind are several things I would NOT miss. At all. But those aren’t the topic of today’s prompt, so le’ts see!
It would have to be something that I could not take with me. So everything that can be stored digitally falls away. And the books, music and shows I’d store on the ships hard drive wouldn’t take much space. What else? Sure, I would miss real food, because astro cuisine is merely my taste. But it also is a necessity and I wouldn’t miss food so much that I’d turn mad without it. So … what else?

A dog! I don’t think we would be allowed to take one with us in the spaceship and there are non at the Mars. I guess. But I also like cats, birds, lizards … all that creeping and crawling stuff around me. So yeah, that’s it! The most I would miss Nature! It certainly is the one thing I cannot take with me and that also won’t be there on Mars, when I get there.
Even just thinking about it: not being able to roam through woods and along seashores, makes me sad and I don’t even want to go to Mars anymore!

Stay Alert and Look at the Moon, yours Advocate of Entropy.