Writing 101: A Planet with a View

by advocateofentropy

Writing 101: A Room with a View

describing a location I would want to be right now and why this location…

One of my book ideas “The Dragons of Cyranor” (in my own sci-fi universe) evolves around the republican Lord-Investigator Darren Ageiros. Cyranor is a not long ago discovered earth-like planet in a barely civilized part of the universe called “Honeycombs”. After a 4 years long voyage in hibernation chambers the republican settlers are beginning to build their very own existence and doing so, they start with their new capital: Thousand Falls.

I am discribing this city because 1) I see this as training for my blog and my books (can’t hurt) and 2) I really could use some relaxing time and this would be my place to go (if it was real and I had enough money to pay for the transit).

The valley around Thousand Falls is vast and rich with vegetation and indigene animal life. For example you have the diamond-alseonax, a little black bird which comes in many variations with a blue star on it’s chest, a red hood or iridescent feathering. Or the lamp bat, which feeds on the thick and juicy, luminescent fruits of the “goliath lampion plant” which only opens it’s protective coverleafs in the moonlight and gives the bats glowing heads. Or the 6-feet ratite named “hoot”, for it’s morning call, who’s defense tactic it is to stand still and make “dead things” – they imitate sounds of rotting flesh and little feathers turn up and twist, so they look like maggots between the tectrices; also they stink like hell.

In the far west, huge granite mountains are rising up to 18,000 feet; behind them lies a deserted swamp land, which turns over into desert near to the continents coast. In the west there is the huge nameless river (soon to be called Nauparg’s Arm), on one shore the city, on the other a 200 feet high cliff, which arose from continental drift. More to the west, on the cliff, is a big mangrove forest (traversed by hundreds of rivers which end over the cliff and come down in myriads of waterfalls, which gave the city it’s name) and soon after that a thick broadleaf forest and mountains. In the north and south the valley is only limited by the ocean shores. In general the valley is a silt up continental rift.

The center of Thousand Falls is the Cyranor Obelisk (build by Fortner, the colonization company), a 300 feet gold and red building, which serves as headquarters for the government and military. From the obelisk there is one straight street/monorail which goes beyond the city limits, until it reaches Gourney Town. 4 barracks, each for more than 2000 people, build from the cryogneic hibernation modules (called Gourneys) in which the settlers were tranported, sitting on the shore of a huge asteroid crater, which has filled with water and is now the biggest sea in the valley. Here live the workers and the poor. From Gourney Town it goes on to the mountains in the west, were huge mines are installed to make the colonization project profitable.

Back in the city: around the obelisk there are 10 main streets and 4 smaller ones, arranged in perfect semicircles.
The first street is a broadway around the obelisk, on which no cars are allowed. On it’s periphery are many small businesses.
The following five streets are completely covered by glass and solar panels and are called “the arcades”, for the glass roofs are carried by ornate pillars with arcades. Here the richer people and company workers have build their homes.
Next comes the Fortner Boulevard. It has the monorail on it, which goes around the whole semicircle and so is the main transportation device. It is completely green, with original trees and bushes, and no houses are build on it.
The remaining streets have mainly industry and small trades on them, eventhough, later in the book, some defeated enemies are resided here and start to integrate their very own architecture to the industrious blocks.
Finally there is a huge wall build around the city, because it is not unlikely to get hit by pirates or some other crazy lawless bastard (read: nature).

All of the day I would wander around the busy streets and gaze at the artful architecture and the rich cultural background of the inhabitants. Or I’d watch the drill of the planetary defense, in which most likely one of my relatives serves to pay off his transit-debts. Or I take a trimaran to sail down the big river ’til the ocean – or take a jeep to uncover the planet’s fascinating species and their unregular behaviour. For me, learning and just breathing the live around me is pure relaxation.


Some day I hope I can tell you even more and the story behind it all – eventhough my german followers would be the first to know. For better imagination I added the picture of the city’s profile below, which I did about a year ago.

Thousand Falls - Profile

Thousand Falls – Profile

For the english speaking amongst you here the transloation of the streetnames from left to right:
– Obelisk Monorail Station
– Westgold Street
– the “Via”s are all named after planets of nations participating in this project
– Ring Cross Monorail Station / Fortner Boulevard
– Kattler Steps (Kattlers are space livestock farmers, whose spaceships are basically farms)
– Ukon Road, again named after a planet
– Wallstreet (because it is next to the wall, you know…)