The Trojan Wars

by advocateofentropy


Wicca was suggested this week, but I think that will require a little more research than I want to devote while finishing off some other writing. I hope you will accept my substitute, the Trojan Wars.

Everyone knows about the Trojan War, either as written by Homer himself or through the reasonable movie facsimile done a few years ago. The romance of Paris and Helen, the foolish bravado of Achilles conflicting with the regal arrogance of Agamemnon, and the terrible situation Priam and Hector are forced into are all good storytelling.

The truth is that if a minion behaved as Achilles does toward Agamemnon, he would have had his throat slit as he slept. If he didn’t, his king would lose his hold over his other minions and himself be killed. The fact is that Odysseus is the real hero of The Iliad and Homer’s sequel The Odyssey. He enlists…

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