Striking Gold at the Airport

by advocateofentropy

Daily Prompt: Terminal Time

a flight get’s delayed 6 hours and none of my electronical devices is working. How do I pass my time? Hmm …

This is kind of easy and I don’t know how I could write much about it: I would read. The overpacking self I know would have at least stacked 3 magazines and 2 books into my backpack, making it impossible to read everything on the trip and take home crinkled literature (I hate that!).

If, anyhow, I get bored by reading, I would start and observe the people around me. Passengers, of course, but especially the personal. Just to ascertain if they had any routine or ticks. How people interact with each other and how they change behaviour, depending on with whom they’re talking or working is one if my strong interests. And also it is quite the gold mine of inspiration for my writing, for human interaction is what everyone writes about … somehow. So the next step then would be writing.

If all this didn’t help, I would just try and find someone to talk with. Old people have a lot to tell and not many to listen to them, so they mostly are thankful if someone just nods to what they’re saying and asks politely when something interesting comes up. (Go and try it with your grandparents or some neighbours, if you never did. I learned plenty of interesting stuff that way!)

If I think about it … maybe flying would be more relaxed if electronical devices would be completely forbidden beyond pass control.