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Past and Future: Tian’anmen

25 years ago the world was seething from change and everywhere some new formation, organisation appeared: commemorating the near end of the cold war and trying to make the world a little better; piece by piece. In some regions of the world those movements didn’t have many friends, because they also protested against the old regimes and gridlocked politics.
Surprisingly in countries like Russia or regions like East Europe these “revolutions” and actions mostly took place in total calm and (nearly) without violence. But not in communist China. No no! Here, on the Tian’anmen (Place of Heavenly Peace) and the whole rest of Beijing, mostly students stood against everything, they thought was wrong. As it happened to be, they didn’t just occupy the place, like today’s “protesters” (cuz seriously: what do you think can be accomplished with sitting in a park for twenty weeks?), but they wanted that Michail Gorbatschow (russian president at that time) would see their mysery and help the thousands of brave studtens and workers who were trying to change something in their homeland, when he would visit Beijing. But China’s bigheads decided otherwise and quelled the “rebellion” with brutal force…
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Air Force Officer steps in at 737’s mid-air emergency

Sometimes I am amazed by the things the average Joe can or is willing to do, especially in matters of life and death. Air Force Captain Mark Gungol, B1-B Lancer pilot and Assistan Director of Operations to the 13th Air Support Operations Squadron at Fort Carson, Colorado; for example.

Capt. Mark Gungol in front of his B1-B Lancer / © U.S. Air Force

Capt. Mark Gungol in front of his B1-B Lancer / © U.S. Air Force

While returning from a holiday in Des Moines with his wife and daughter, visiting the family, he proofed himself as a worthy “Everday’s Hero”, when the plane’s pilot suffered from a heart attack and he, as the seasoned airman he is, stepped in to help fly and land the plane safely at the nearest airport. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeff Bezos is Maximum Evil?

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) took a poll about who the world’s worst boss would be.
Big surprise: it is none of the really evil and villainious people, but: Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos /

Jeff Bezos /

Sharan Barrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, says: “Corporate power is out of control, it is cowering governments with threats of capital flight. The greed of the 1% is of more interest to our governments than the 99 %.” …
Well, that is true, but that’s surely not Amazon’s sole fault. I really don’t see how this poll is anything, but populist anti-capitalistic nonsense.

Other nominated CEOs:
C. Douglas McMillon (Wal-Mart Stores)
Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase)
Loyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs Group)
Charles Koch (Koch Industries)
Lee Kun-Hee (Samsung Group)
Ivan Glasenberg (Glencore Xstrata)