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SCIENCE Webinar: The Many Roads to Cell Death // Cells moved with Light

© wiseGEEK / Multiple Cells

© wiseGEEK / Multiple Cells


Cell death is, ironically, an essential part of life. In recent years, the study and understanding of cell death pathways has been dramatically transformed by the insights gained into non-apoptotic pathways, including necro-apoptosis and autophagy, together with a deeper understanding of the mechanism of the apoptotic cascade. New discoveries have been enabled by cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the realm of cytometry and cell-death–specific markers. In this webinar, the latest insights into cell death pathways will be discussed, including the molecular markers and cellular changes that characterize each pathway. Viewers will also learn practical cytometry-based strategies for dissecting cell death pathways, and how to use the data to better understand the pathophysiology of diseases such as cancer as well as to uncover new targets for drug discovery and development.

by John Abrams & William G. Telford Read the rest of this entry »


Unusual Animals trained to be Mine Detectors

Since several weeks heavy rain over the balkan has cost millions of people their homes and tens have died in floods and landslides. In addition to the nonstop raining, thousands and thousands of landmines are being carried around by water and mud. They could explode at any time or get burried beneath a thin layer of slime and then go off as soon as someone steps on them.
Overall the world every year more than 15.000 people die by landmines, 80% of which are civilians. Only since 1999 the Ottawa Treaty (signed by 161 countries; but neither the U.S, Russia, Israel, China, Syria, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Egypt seem to think of it as an desirable effort) forbids the production and usage of “anti-personnel mines”. Next to the technical approaches to this nightmare, organisations around the world have begun to explore the animals’ expertise. Mostly dogs and some cats are trained to search for mines, but there’s a fundamental problem: they’re too heavy! When a dog or cat finds a landmine it has to naturally scratch or sit on it and so triggers the explosive. But what other furry friends could we get to help us? Read the rest of this entry »

Holographic Description of a Quantum Black Hole

This study by Masanori Hanada, Yoshifumi Hyakutake, Goro Ishiki and Jun Nishimura tries to proof, that black holes fit into the quantum mechanical theorem.

“Black holes have been predicted to radiate particles and eventually evaporate, which has led to the information loss paradox and implies that the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics may be violated. Superstring theory, a consistent theory of quantum gravity, provides a possible solution to the paradox if evaporating black holes can actually be described in terms of standard quantum mechanical systems, as conjectured from the theory. Here, we test this conjecture by calculating the mass of a black hole in the corresponding quantum mechanical system numerically. Our results agree well with the prediction from gravity theory, including the leading quantum gravity correction. Our ability to simulate black holes offers the potential to further explore the yet mysterious nature of quantum gravity through well-established quantum mechanics.” (Source: / NASA/CXC/M.Weiss / NASA/CXC/M.Weiss