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Category: Weekly Challenge

List of sorts

Inspired by the Weekly Challenge of the Daily Post, I shall create a list of my choosing. I can’t really decide, so I’m gonna make a list of potential lists. Here we go…

1. Topics for blog posts
2. New Ben & Jerry’s flavours
3. Wifes of roman consuls and emperors
4. Deadly diseases without effective cure
5. My favourite handheld weapons before 1.500 A.C.

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Slow down your neighbours!

The Daily Post’s weekly challenge says: Blog Your Block! Quite the fun challenge, I think, because in my block there’s really lots to see and explore. But I will give you a tour around the adjacent streets and parks to my more than 140 year old house! It’s slightly cold outside, but with a blue sky (with little cloudfarts), just for your information. 😉

I live in Rothe Erde (Red Earth), a north-east block of Aix la Chapelle in the most western corner of Germany, close to the Netherlands, Belgium and France, the so called “Euregio”. After celtics, ancient germans, romans, napoleon and what not, about 100 years ago, all of the rhineland (and with it this city) was conquered and occupied by Prussians, eventhough the people living here were Catholic. (Prussians were Lutheran, and in the german past it was quite the gaffe, when the king/emperor had another religion, than his folks.)
So it came, that the Prussian military built two barracks: the red one and the yellow one. Whilst the red one was more far out the city limits, the yellow one stood just were my street ends today. Read the rest of this entry »