Bad Saint, go to the Fridge!

by advocateofentropy

On the weekend I learned something fascinating. Most people know that in South America there about a gazillion saints and everyone has it’s own jurisdiction. Whenever you want something from them, you send a little prayer to one of the figurines standing in your living room, just above the TV. And now it get’s interesting!

Saints / © German Art Industries

Saints / © German Art Industries

When a wish is granted and (for example) you get back what you have lost, you jump up and down 3 times (or something like that, depending on the saint and the region).
BUT when your wish is not granted, you do something to show the saint who’s the boss: you put the figurine in the fridge! For real! The cold shall punish him, so that the next time you ask for something, he knows what awaits him, if he again doesn’t do what you want him to.
Personally I think this is quite the unusual way to treat your saints. Just imagine Jesus hadn’t turned vine into water and Petrus and the other guys just put him in the fridge. Hah!

Stay Alert and Freeze your Saint, yours Advocate of Entropy.