The things we do & the things we become.

by advocateofentropy

Today’s Daily Prompt: What did want to become as a child and what have you made of it today? Let’s see …

Most of us wanted to become something awesome or at least seemingly awesome like firefighter, conductor, astronaut or superhero. I wasn’t one of these kids. Back in the day, when summer lasted a lifetime, me and my best friend wanted to live on an island, in little huts with our wives, and travel around the world as war- and archeology-reporters (funky mix, eh?). Also we wanted to have a lizard preserve (mostly monitors and iguanas) and animal sanctuary (don’t remeber if we wanted to feed the doomed animals to the lizards).

How far have I come? Not very, but of course all this was high-flown and, on top of that, my best friend and me lost contact about going to different colleges/universities, in different parts of the world. I do study history though and even if a teacher is not exactly a reporter, I have the possibility to bring knowledge and self-awareness to children and teenagers.
I will not be living on an island anyday soon. Indeed my plan for the “50+ years” involves moving to Hawaii, but that’s still far ahead!

So, nothing really turned out how it was planned. But at different times I also wanted to be an archeologist, a stage technician/event engineer or a farmer. Somehow I managed to study a bit archeology, I am planning on buying a farm in northern germany and also I am qualified as an event engineer.
In one way or another I managed to brush all my goals and wishes. And isn’t that what life is really about?