Run for your Lives! The Snake is loose!

by advocateofentropy

Daily Prompt: Living Art

my favourite art piece (painting, statue or wahtever) comes to life… what happens next?

Thinking about this question I had to realize that I do not have any favorite piece of touchable art, for mostly I don’t judge about it in means of how I like it. but of course there are some pieces that give me chills and amaze me.

One of them is the Laokoon group (picture below), a marble replica by the masons Hagesandros, Polydros and Athanadoros of Rhodos, from the second half of the first century A.C. The original bronce plastique was probably made around 200 B.C. in Pergamon and has not survived. Today the original statue can be found in the Mvsei Vaticani.
Laokoon was a trojan priest of Apollo or Poseidon and he is basically the key to the Q “Why did the Trojans not look into the wooden horse the greek gave them?” to the A “Because Laokoon hit it with a spear, two magical snakes appeared and killed him and his sons and therefore the trojans said: Okay, the gods didn’t like that, let’s not desecrate this unbelievable horse anymore.” … figures.

© Marie-Lan Nguyen

© Marie-Lan Nguyen

Now, if this group would come to life, the outcome would be kinda nasty, because it is a death scene and just a few seconds after the captured moment the big fella and his sons are being killed by the badass boas which are tangeld around their bodies and necks. People would just stand there in the museum and be baffled about the three inhumanly large bodies lying there on the ground; one of them probably already being half-swallowed by one of the snakes. The other one already taking off into the italian wetlands breeding some new race of magical super-snakes. (Hihi!)

On the other Hand … how funny would it be, if only the feet of the Colossus of Rhodos came to life and stepped around like “Where’s our head at? What’s going on?” People being trampled to death …
Boy! Greek art is bloody.

Stay Alert and Believe in the Horse, yours Advocate of Entropy.