The Room of No Return

by advocateofentropy

Daily Prompt: Breathing Room

a magical room appears in your flat, but you can only put three items in it, or it disappears again … hm…

As I first read the assignment, I thought: “That’s gonna be hard! What room can one use with only three things in it?”
But then I immediatly knew: couch, TV and tablet pc! Yes, this seemes lazy, and it is very much so. But that room, without any disturbances or windows, with just me, the televisor and my cozy couch, would be the perfect surrounding to listen to music and watch movies. No shelf, no poster, nothing could distract me. And even no second person would be allowed, for it could be the fourth item and everybody in the room is crunched to death, whilst the room is folding itself again into it’s multi-dimensional spoace-pocket … or whatever.
Of course, when I want something to eat or drink, I’d have to leave the room, but that’s okay. Food would only distract me again. Maybe I would never again leave the room and just starve do death happily watching some re-run of Family Guy, Enterprise or That 70’s Show. (Except the death-part:) Awesome! And when I get bored I use my tablet to read something interesting on one of your blogs. 😉
Yet, I am not that big of a movie fan, that I would want a complete room only dedicated to watch ’em. So maybe … a record player, good vinyl and a glass of whiskey. Could also be nice.

Sorry for that short answer, but my to-do-list for today is about two feet long, so …

Stay Alert and Take a Sip, yours Advocate of Entropy.